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Empowering Women to see their true Beauty

Empowering our clients to see their true beauty is our mission! The countless tears of joy and laughter we experience from your reactions leave us speechless every time you sit on our couch for your photo reveal! 

You can learn to love yourself through the intimate art we create. You don’t need a special occasion, boudoir in itself is an occasion and the ultimate way to celebrate YOU.

Boudoir photography is unapologetic, uninhibited and an empowering occasion sprinkled with a little bit of magic and I can’t wait for you to experience it!

I’ll warn you, though, you will leave the studio with an extra dose or two of self-confidence and it probably will last well after your experience with us!


Before coming in, my go-to opinion of myself was, your not that teenage beauty any longer, you have aged and gained wrinkles, weight, and cellulite! I will no longer have that opinion! My session has made me see that I am worthy and beautiful. I fell in love with myself all over again!

Do this for yourself!


My experience from beginning to end far exceeded my expectations! Amazing photos... how do you choose! Seriously it was the hardest thing. The level of detail in each photo that is taken is something that I appreciate so much. I had so much fun and felt so comfortable through the whole session!

Ms. E

I was so impressed with everything! They  transform your view of yourself within seconds. I was guided me through everything! They actually posed with me! I saw me one of the very first shots right after taking it, I couldn’t believe how beautiful just the raw image was. Everything was gorgeous and comfortable



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 I understand that being in front of the camera can feel a little awkward. Which is why I love making it fun. Most of my clients come back year after year.



See your photos on the same day! Stay on cloud 9, I'll help you select your best images and artwork that fits your home perfectly.

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"Just do it! Every body is unique and everyone at the studio made me feel comfortable. No judgement "looks" - just support! I felt like a million bucks. They are truly artists and really made me look and feel by best! 

If you want to look your best and be on cloud nine for the rest of the day, book a session!
I Love My Photos!"

- Ms. M


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The next questions are how much will it cost, and when can you schedule a session.

I get it, trust me.  Not only do you want to leave with images you love, but it's important to print them, so they can be enjoyed for years to come.

To see my pricing and learn more about how I can help you not only capture this moment in time, but preserve the memories for the future click the link below.

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Being Sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It's a state of mind!

Hello, We’re the Nixons And we are boudoir photographers for everyday women like you.

This genre of photography is my favorite and let us tell you why — No matter where you are in your life, your age, your size, through this experience we give the middle finger to those unrealistic expectations of vanity thrown in our faces on a daily basis.

The message is simple, YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are in this very moment.

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