First of all, the Nixons are amazing. I was so impressed with the attention to even the smallest of details; and how they can transform your view of yourself within seconds. I had my boudoir session done and Justin guided me through everything! And when I say everything I mean he actually posed with me!! As soon as he showed me one of the very first shots right after taking it, I couldn’t believe how beautiful just the raw image was. Justin showed me images along the way and encouraged me the entire time. He had so many creative ideas And the set was gorgeous and comfortable❤️After the shoot I loved all 100+ images we had! He went over my options as far as what I can get and I loved everything so much I can’t wait to get all my goodies! I could barely decide what to pick!!! I loved having so much to choose from. I usually hate pictures of myself but I love these so much I got ones to hang on my wall!! Self-love is one of the biggest most important motivators. So if you’ve lost yourself you will surely rediscover your true beauty with the Nixons. I’m so excited to display these and am more than overjoyed to have made lasting memories. –  Miss K


I’ve enjoyed working with the Nixon’s for multiple occasions, including my engagement and wedding, but when I wanted to do a boudoir session for my husband, I was nervous. But when I saw they were doing special Valentine’s themed sessions, I couldn’t resist. I reached out to Justin, already nervous, and he did such a great job explaining how things would go for the session and making me comfortable. Throughout the entire session, Justin took careful time to ensure that I was wearing outfits that flattered my body shape and would photograph well. This even included jewelry! Justin did a great job of suggesting some awesome unique poses, but also let me suggest some that were special to me and my husband (who the gift was for after all)! The thing I loved most about my boudoir experience is feeling pampered. From the moment I walked in the door, to taking the pictures, to reviewing them, to choosing the gift, the whole session was about how I was feeling and what would make me feel most beautiful. That in itself is what made the pictures about how I was feeling, not what was cookie cutter typical boudoir poses. Justin took the time to make my body shine and made me feel the most beautiful I ever have been. There is a misconception that boudoir is only for the skinny ladies, but the curvy ones can own it too, and Justin helped me realize that no matter the curves, beautiful is sexy. After this session, I would do boudoir again in a heartbeat! I cannot suggest a boudoir shoot to friends more. It really truly turned into something for myself, rather than just for my husband. Thank you, Nixon’s, for reminding me that curves are beautiful and sexy! – Mrs. S


Though I had never done anything like it before, I decided to have boudoir photos taken for my husband’s wedding gift. I knew he would love to have them, but I honestly had no idea what to expect and the whole idea made me a bit anxious. I didn’t even know where to start looking for a photographer. I am beyond thankful that I found The Nixons Photography online. Not only did my husband absolutely love the photos, I absolutely loved the session! What I envisioned to be a fairly uncomfortable experience ended up being extremely empowering. It was as much a gift to myself as it was to my husband. Justin is an artist; he knows exactly how to set up a shot and make you feel like you belong in it – like you own it – no matter what you might (or might not) be wearing. The photoshoot made me feel more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have before and the feeling has stuck. When I saw the final photos, I knew that confident and sexy woman in them was really me and that I could be her again anytime. I’m already looking forward to potentially booking another session! Just ask all my friends, I can’t stop telling them all how they should give boudoir photography with the Nixons a try. I just want them to feel as beautiful as I did during my session.  –  Mrs. M


I did a boudoir shoot for my husband as his wedding present with The Nixons. I will be the first to tell you that I am not completely secure in my body at all and the idea of this shoot was something that made me nervous. But I also knew it was something I really wanted to do, and something my husband would really like – so I took the plunge. I cannot say enough about how amazing the experience was! I have never felt more at ease or beautiful in my own skin. It was so much fun to step out of my comfort zone and almost take on a “role” of someone else just for a short time. I was completely confident and at ease working with them and left with a huge smile on my face and more confidence than I had when I first arrived. When I received my photos I was BLOWN AWAY! They were so amazing, I could barely believe they were actually pictures of me! It has now been several years since I got married and I am working on planning another one this year! Do yourself a favor and have these pictures done for yourself, if not for your significant other – you will not regret it!


I am absolutely in love with how my boudoir photos turned out! I left the session feeling confident and so thrilled to give these photos as a gift to my significant other. What I thought might be a very intimidating & awkward experience was actually fun and liberating! Justin & Beth were both very accommodating and made me feel at ease. It truly is a “supermodel experience” that everyone should try! Stepping outside of my comfort zone and working with the Nixons was a great decision. Justin was able to turn my vulnerability into empowerment through his photography. And I still astonished at his talent for creating so many different backgrounds/props in his studio. After reviewing the pictures, you would think visited multiple places to do the shoot! He also guided me through each step & showed me how to pose. I will definitely consider doing another boudoir shoot with them in the future. This is the perfect gift for your significant other. And yourself!  – Mrs. L